Saturday, May 5, 2012

Espresso skin - Blush / Flesh tone contrast

Nude? Whose nude? Flesh tone? Whose flesh?  My flesh tone is espresso, coffee bean, deep coppertone.
This BCBG shirt falls under the "fleshtone / nude" colors that crept from the strictly reserved for underwear to EVERY where.  Purchased at the BCBG store in Velizy Villacoubley 2009 outside of Paris (closer to Versailles).  Just when the whole fleshy trend was starting to pick up, but not quite fully embraced.   Being a lover of silk, satin and intricate lace this little number checked off all three boxes.
In a luscious “flesh” tone. Obviously not my flesh. So how do women of color wear these flesh/nude tones?
Flesh colors for Women of Color
Numero uno - AIM for warm tones, with peachy keen / orange undertones, rosey pink / red undertones.

The contrast of complexions ranging from deep mahogany to golden sandy is very flattering,
-brings out the undertones
-highlighting the cheekbones, drawing the attention to the upper portion of the face – the eyes, forehead, etc.

Complimented with a neutral, peach lip gloss end glowing, lively face. I often qlso pair blush colors with a matte brown lip color that matches my skin.

With matte brown lip color ALWAYS place emphasis on the eyes with a strongly defined eye liner and mascara – forgoing a dramatic eye will result in a dead lifeless look.

Taupe tones with grayish brown tones give a chalky reflection on browner skin, ie they should be avoided by deep complexioned cuties – made the mistake of buying a putty colored neutral dress and it sucks the life right outta my face.

"BEFORE"- just the dress a trapeze Babydoll cotton jersey BCBG dress BLUSH tone. no make-up - just the dress.

THE REVEAL, paired with a fitted distressed denim blazer. Crisp white thong sandals.

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